Answer the folllowing using Mycof


Address the following questions in your workbook - Mycoff (2016) Working with Political Science Research Methods: Problems and Exercises. Type  your answers in a word document and submit the file through the link  provided above. You do not have to retype the questions in your  responses. However, make sure to clearly indicate the corresponding  exercise numbers for easy identification. 

Chapter 2

Exercise 2:1

Exercise 2:2

Exercise 2:6

Additional question:   Briefly summarize the criticisms leveled against empirical research by  those within the non-empirical research paradigms (Interpretation,  Social Construction, and Critical Theory). 

Chapter 3

Exercise  3:1 (for MPA and non-MA students, expand your sources to websites that  allow you to develop questions related to public administration issues,  public policy, nonprofits, etc.)   

Exercise 3:3

Exercise 3:4

Exercise 3:8

Chapter 4

Exercise 4:1

Exercise 4:2

Exercise 4:3

Exercise 4:4

Exercise 4:5

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